Older siblings babysitting the younger ones – right or wrong?


Today was a ‘first’ for me.

While I slept after night duty – the 4 middle kids went out with friends and relis, which left me with the youngest (21 months) and my eldest (11 years – girl).  Always scamming to make my life as easy as possible I decided that it probably wasn’t too much to ask my daughter to care for my 21 month old IF she had a friend come over and help her!  My daughter didn’t complain about the idea and really ’stepped up’.  The only proviso B1 had was that she wouldn’t change a pooey nappy – fair enough I guess!  And lucky for me he saved his pooey nappy AFTER I awoke from my slumber!  Overall, B1 was a credit to herself and did a wonderful job entertaining K6.

They ate chocolate, watched DVDs, played ‘hairdressers’ (with K6 -boy copping hair clips & hair ties in his hair), made smoothies, played games, made their own lunch and played the Wii.  They had an awesome time and I reckon they would easily volunteer their services again!

Do you employ the services of the older siblings to babysit?  Is it right or wrong?

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