It’s always worth questioning your bills


I have a $79 cap plan with a phone company for my mobile phone which I have maintained within those limits for many months.

Last month I got a whopping bill for over $700 for 1 months usage!!!!  Arrrrrrrgh!  How does that happen?

I nearly paid that amount thinking I’ll be extra extra over careful with my phone usage over the next month, but then rationally thought how could it possibly be that much!?   So, I spent the time and called the phone company in question who put my account on hold while they investigate.

I am currently on the phone to the company whom, true to their word, have followed up with the investigation.  They believe that I exceeded my cap by over $600 worth of phone calls.  Not convinced, I have asked them for a detailed bill which they have agreed to post to me.

THEN, with very little discussion the operator has offered me a $500 waiver ‘this time ONLY’ from my bill.

WOW!  That’s cool!

I am a little skeptical though…………. why did they casually offer me $500 off? I have checked next months bill and it seems I have exceeded the cap again….  Strange?  I haven’t exceeded the cap on this plan before then all of a sudden I am consistently exceeding the cap….

What is your experience with phone company’s and the inconsistency in your phone bills?

On a positive note, I feel like I have earned my money today through a simple phone call!  $500 in our pocket, NOT the phone company!

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