The Immigration Museum – Melbourne’s best kept secret?


Today our 11 year old & 6 year old daughters were treated to ‘a day in the city’ with their grandparents.   The Myer Christmas Windows , Melbourne Aquarium & The Immigration Museum were the 3 major sites visited.  Whilst the windows were interesting (the queue was not very long) & The Melbourne Aquarium was worth visiting, however, became claustrophobic with the number of visitors (of particular interest was the ‘not-so-baby’ penguins), The Immigration Museum is the attraction that the girls stayed the longest as it was ‘quiet’ and they could complete the ‘Puppets of the Bamana People’ in their own time with care.  Our children are fortunate to be taken often into the city on ‘excursions’ and often their choice will be The Immigration Musuem – Is it Melbourne’s best kept secret?

The Immigration Museums West Africa : Rhythm & Spirit Exhibition is open daily 10am – 5pm until 29th May 2011

Cost: Adults $8, Concession & Child FREE

For more info about the exhibition  visit the Immigration Museum page here

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