A little bit of fun! – “The Family Value Famous Photo Comp”


We had a ‘chill out’ day in Ballina today and after a bike ride, a swim and fun in the games room, the kids were……… B.O.R.E.D. so I came up with a solution that kept them occupied for 1 hour!  Armed with a camera for 10 minutes, each of the children had a turn at sharing their artistic ability!  And so it is, the “Family Value Famous Photo Comp” was born – and YOU TOO can participate!

Above are the final entries from each of the 5 children! Being the healthily competitive family we are, the children are keen to have their photos judged by YOU – our Family Value Blog followers, Twitter followers and fans on Facebook! So vote for your favourite by putting the name of your favourite photoin the comments section!

Voting closes tomorrow 5th March at 9pm.

Happy judging!

By the way, all children will get the same prize so don’t worry about causing fights in our mostly harmonic family! :-)


5 Responses to “A little bit of fun! – “The Family Value Famous Photo Comp””

  1. Jen Kelly Says:
    Your family are ALL very talented but The Reflection is my favourite!
  2. Alison Says:
    Wow! They are all fabulous! I love to focus and clarity in each of the flower shots. The colour in the orange flower one is spectacular, I love the perspective in the bee and the 1st one, and the contrast between the yellow points of the petals and the green background is really nice in the 4th one.
    My favourite though, is the reflection. What a creative and kewl capture!
  3. Rebecca Says:
    Thank you EVERYONE for placing your votes! Between FACEBOOK & our BLOG there were a total of 26 Votes! So cool getting everyone involved in our fun! And to think it started out just because the kids were B.O.R.E.D.! And the kids don’t know it yet but the results are in….. Equal 1st – REFLECTION & THE FLOWERED BEE, 2nd – ORANGE FLOWER, 3rd – SUNFLOWER LOVE & 4th – YELLOW DAISY
  4. Rebecca Says:
    And the artists behind the photos – REFLECTION – Master 4, THE FLOWERED BEE – Miss 10, ORANGE FLOWER – Master 7,SUNFLOWER LOVE – Miss 5 & YELLOW DAISY – Master 9. Thank you again everyone, until the next unique idea to keep the kids (& everyone else) entertained! :-)
  5. Auntie Alison Says:
    Sorry I missed the deadline for the voting. I think they’re ALL fantastic photos, but my favourite is the YELLOW DAISY. I love the feature of the large daisy at the front and then the smaller daisies at the back giving depth and perspective. Well done to all of you, though. I think you’re all very clever! (And I hope you’re having a great holiday.)
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