Older siblings babysitting the younger ones – right or wrong?


Today was a ‘first’ for me. While I slept after night duty – the 4 middle kids went out with friends and relis, which left me with the youngest (21 months) and my eldest (11 years – girl).  Always scamming …

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Spending one on one time with your children


Last night it was ‘date night’ with the hubby and today is was my ‘date’ with K5. As many of you whom have large families would understand, spending one on one time with each child is a difficult task. Definately …

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Date night


‘Date Night at Gold Class Doncaster – The Tourist’  Back in the infantry years of mothers group I remember one of our guest speakers – a psychologist, and the one piece of advice that stayed with me is to make time …

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“I don’t like you” “I don’t want to play with you”


Today I had ‘one of those moments’ – I just wanted to shrink and disappear!  Well meaning ‘ME’ thought it would be a wise idea to introduce 4 year old K5 to another child at kinder whom I think could …

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Bribery is a beautiful thing


Today was spent with the whole family in ‘domesticated bliss’.  I decided it was time to work as a family and clean the bedrooms TOGETHER as a family, and today was also declared a ‘NO Nintendo DS or computer technology day’. So it …

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My lucky day!


WOW!  What a day! Firstly, I got creative with the children – thanks to SquiggleMum and made some Salt Pictures!  What a great idea!  B4 & K5 loved this activity.  Whilst a little messy as far as ‘grainy salt’ on the kitchen floor this was a fantastic, …

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A mini-celebrity and back into netball

I feel honoured to be featured on Squiggle Mum’s blog as the MAY ‘Real Aussie Mum’ (I feel a bit like a mini celebrity).  Squiggle Mum is an inspirational mother herself and a wonderful writer.  Always interesting reading – if you have a chance it is …

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