Back to school – snack ideas & packaging

Back to school is here already, so what are YOU doing to get organised?  Here are some ideas for YOU. Pre-package snaplock bags with the kids names on them and refrigerate if necessary.  You can either use pre-packaged snacks or …

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Preparing 1 months worth of food in 1 day for a BARGAIN price

Jessica from Loving my Nest has so very much inspired me with her Freezer Crock Pot Cooking day idea. You need to read this article and get inspired because the idea of spending under $150 for more than 30 days …

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Writing letters to your children

Meet the Dad who has written letters to his 7 children weekly for the past 30 years.  An article by Sunrise on 7, this will be sure to touch you.  Watch here

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Seasonal clothing declutter

Love it or loathe it, the seasonal clothing decluttering process is highly  necessary to survive in a large family. How do I do it?  Every season, 4 times a year, each child goes through the process of decluttering their wardrobe …

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Toothbrush identification

Toothbrush identification – say ‘I’ if this is an issue for your family? It’s difficult enough to get your children to clean their teeth morning and night, let alone efficiently organise the family toothbrushes.  In my experience the younger children …

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Fire drill with the fam

With the bushfire season upon us, and living in a bushfire prone area, this mother of 6 is beginning to feel quite a responsiblity with her young brood.  So it was, I insisted that we decide on a definate fire …

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The Costco experience

  Costco Australia US retail giant Costco opens Docklands store Costco opens at Docklands I wouldn’t even have KNOWN about Costco if it wasn’t for the media hype!  However, I believe the media did their job well because when there is …

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Resetting the iphone

  So I did the hard yards and lined up for the new iphone on Friday.  It’s only been 6 days and already the iphone ‘freezes’!!!Grrrrrrrrrrr………. sometimes technology can be your best friend at other times extremely frustrating!  So, there …

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Bribery is a beautiful thing

Today was spent with the whole family in ‘domesticated bliss’.  I decided it was time to work as a family and clean the bedrooms TOGETHER as a family, and today was also declared a ‘NO Nintendo DS or computer technology day’. So it …

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Made my own laundry detergent – I wonder how long this will last?

In my routine ‘cleaning out’ of my laundry cupboard I chanced across Electric Soda and ‘remembered’ back to 10 years ago when I purchased it!  I was all inspired when I was at a MOPS meeting and Barbara Lord (author of The Green …

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