What does a Dad of 6 get for Fathers Day?


Jocks , socks, mini cookbook, t-shirt, mug, gardening gloves, stress ball, “I LOVE MY DAD” homemade book, a homemade tie, a card from the ‘girls’ & a card from the ‘boys’, pancakes with blueberries IN BED, coffee (‘white with one’), …

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The Costco experience


  Costco Australia US retail giant Costco opens Docklands store Costco opens at Docklands I wouldn’t even have KNOWN about Costco if it wasn’t for the media hype!  However, I believe the media did their job well because when there is …

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Lachlan turns 9


Our ‘little boy’ has just turned 9!  That’s right! L2 celebrated his 9th birthday today in a very busy and stylish fashion! The day started with the traditional unveiling and giving of birthday presents in Mum & Dad’s room.  L2 …

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Resetting the iphone


  So I did the hard yards and lined up for the new iphone on Friday.  It’s only been 6 days and already the iphone ‘freezes’!!!Grrrrrrrrrrr………. sometimes technology can be your best friend at other times extremely frustrating!  So, there …

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Too Cute


  Just had to share this photo.  This is K5 & K6.  Every night our routine is to cuddle our resident ‘live teddy bear’. Too cute! 1 Response to “Too cute!” Brenda Says: May 19th, 2009 at 10:28 pmawww…too cute…love it …

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Bribery is a beautiful thing


Today was spent with the whole family in ‘domesticated bliss’.  I decided it was time to work as a family and clean the bedrooms TOGETHER as a family, and today was also declared a ‘NO Nintendo DS or computer technology day’. So it …

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Made my own laundry detergent – I wonder how long this will last?


In my routine ‘cleaning out’ of my laundry cupboard I chanced across Electric Soda and ‘remembered’ back to 10 years ago when I purchased it!  I was all inspired when I was at a MOPS meeting and Barbara Lord (author of The Green …

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My lucky day!


WOW!  What a day! Firstly, I got creative with the children – thanks to SquiggleMum and made some Salt Pictures!  What a great idea!  B4 & K5 loved this activity.  Whilst a little messy as far as ‘grainy salt’ on the kitchen floor this was a fantastic, …

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‘Me’ day


Today K6 & I had an adventure in the city of Melbourne where we boarded the train and met my Mum & Dad, and my sister (a belated Mothers Day outing).  With the three of us living in varying suburbia and country …

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A mini-celebrity and back into netball

I feel honoured to be featured on Squiggle Mum’s blog as the MAY ‘Real Aussie Mum’ (I feel a bit like a mini celebrity).  Squiggle Mum is an inspirational mother herself and a wonderful writer.  Always interesting reading – if you have a chance it is …

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