Charlie Weatherburn and the Flying Machine

charlieweatherburnbigCharlie Weatherburn is a delightful story written & illustrated by an extremely talented author, Matthew Magain.

Charlie Weatherburn is an ordinary man who wants to do extraordinary things by making a flying machine using his powerful mathematician skills. With Reginald as his companion, Charlie finds himself in more than one predicament and eventually realises that while he can try, he really can’t fly but had lots of fun trying! Based on a ‘real man’, Charlie Weatherburn incorporates rhyme, delightful illustrations and humour to form a picture story that children are likely to treasure and save in their shelves to read to the next generation.

With the target audience 3 – 6 year olds, my children would agree. My 5 & 7 year old delighted & giggled at Charlies adventures and even my 2 year old was entranced with Charlie and his antics.



kynan2010famtick_bronzefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronze “it was very funny when Charlie was in the nude.  He really can’t fly.”


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About the author Matthew Magain

YouTube Jodie Whitehurst singing “Charlie Weatherburn and the Flying Machine” at the launch of the book of the same name. Recorded on July 31st, 2011 at The Book Grocer in Northcote (Melbourne, Australia)


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