Coraline – Be careful what you wish for


Be Careful What You Wish For


Coraline took us on a journey I wasn’t quite expecting.  Whilst the 3D visuals were spectacular I am unsure about the storyline and appropriateness of content for the target audience.  Rated PG, I feel that if this was not animated it would border on a flick for Mature audiences.

Our whole family was entranced in the movie, however, our 7 & 5 year old children sought ‘Mummy’ out for frequent cuddles and our 3 year old coped really well until one of the final defining scenes where he got frustrated, took his glasses off and promptly announced “I’m not going to watch this anymore – it’s too scary”.  ‘The Other Mother’ is likely to provide many children with nightmares to last at least a week, however, the two aging English showgirls provide timely comic relief in an otherwise ‘dark’ movie.  On the positive side, the movie does offer a wholesome message to children to be careful what you wish for.

Our 10 year old liked the movie, however, does not really desire to see it again and our 9 year old liked it well enough to see it on DVD, speaking of which, I personally would probably recommend waiting until it is released on DVD.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman is available to purchase at Boomerang Books

NB:  This movie cost us A$20 per adult & A$16 per child (because of the 3D aspect).

cropbrittfamtick_bronzefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronze“It was good but I’m not fussed if I don’t get it on DVD”

croplachlanfamtick_bronzefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronze“It was good, I want to get it on DVD”

cropcoreyfamtick_bronzefamtick_bronze “It was OK”

cropbrookefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronze “It was OK”

cropkynanfamtick_bronzefamtick_bronze “It was OK”

cropkobifamtick_bronze “Didn’t Like It”


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