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‘Date Night at Gold Class DoncasterThe Tourist’ 

Back in the infantry years of mothers group I remember one of our guest speakers – a psychologist, and the one piece of advice that stayed with me is to make time for our relationship and one way to do this is to diarise regular ‘date nights’.

Over the years we’ve managed to find time for ‘us’ as a couple however this has become an increasingly difficult task as the children have multiplied to 6 in 10 years!  Always valuing and believing in the advice of ‘that psychologist’ 11 years ago we have made a concious effort to continue our date nights.  Whilst the children are extremely important to us, if we, as parents feel under pressure we find that the children reflect our stress by way of misbehaving which causes the cascade effect of one very stressed family!  Do you relate?

So it is, we have a ‘date night – out’ approximately every 2 weeks, and a ‘date night – in’ every other week.   Whether it be to see a movie, go out for dinner or simply have ’secret takeaway’ after the children have gone to bed.  This time is very important.  We look forward to these nights and value the ‘couple time’ that they give us.

So, who will babysit?

  • find some teenage girls known to you (family friends, work colleagues, children’s friends older siblings, local church teens, coaches at local sporting club)
  • ask the grandparents, aunties & uncles
  • swap with another family and do the same for them

Points to Note

  • even if you just get 2 hours together, that time proves extremely important!
  • factor in the babysitting money into your weekly budget
  • don’t be late coming home if using family members or other couples (everyone is usually happy to help if they know exactly what time they will be required for)
  • settle the children into bed (or the majority of them) before you leave

Do you do ‘date nights’?

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