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    If any of you are hoarders like me, you will absolutely LOVE this book and it will change your way of thinking and assist you in living in a decluttered home. I have started the Kon Marie method and I have already decluttered over 50 bags of clothing, toys and STUFF. I have read many decluttering books and this is my favourite by far.
    I only need one pair of nail clippers, not TEN – I only need clothes in my wardrobe that ‘spark joy’ (after you read the book you will get it). I don’t need to keep the gift I was given just last year just because I was given it. If I will never use it, it is simply taking up valuable space.
    The children have taken on the cleaning method too. The big mistake I used to make is that I used to want the children to keep toys because I liked them. Even though they never played with them or LOVED them I still wanted them to keep them. Let them move on and keep the toys they love and treasure.
    As for photos, I haven’t decluttered that area yet – leaving that till last, but do I really need photos of children that belong to friends I have not seen for 20 years and will most likely not see for another 20 years? Just taking up valuable space. Sounds harsh but it is TIME to declutter.
    Has anyone else read this book and found success? Or is there another method you use that has helped you?

    For those in a rut I encourage you to give this book a go. Available at The Book Depository. Let me know how you go. I am still a work in progress.

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