Happy New Year 2010


Happy New Year!

Like millions of families around the world, last night we celebrated the new year, 2010!  Is it Two Thousand and Ten or Twenty-Ten?  We had a fantastic time with two families very close to us!  Although, our efforts at having a ‘dive-in outdoor movie night’ was  hampered by the extreme conditions of thunder & lightning, these 6 adults and 12 children partied on, enjoying each others company and finally seeing the New Year in!  The only casualties of the evening was our landline telephone and our modem which were damaged by the storms.  Unfortunately the folk in Strathewen encountered a poor start to the New Year with torrential rain causing mudslides.

And like millions of people around the world, we have also made a few New Years Resolutions!

Here are some of mine……..

  • Continue to enjoy the company of my beautiful family & the people closest to us
  • Embrace life and try not to allow the ‘insignificant things’ to get in the way
  • List at least 700 new family attractions within Australia

For one of the first times EVER ‘losing weight’ is not one of my resolutions.  This year I’m hoping I will ‘tone up’ without the pressure of the resolution!!!!  We’ll see!

Have you got a New Years Resolution you would like to share? OR Are you having trouble finding one?  Look here for some ideas!

Also, I managed to teach a few children the art of counting the time as to how far away the storm is!  I am now responsible for extremely frightening some children, however, they are now more educated!  :-)  Here is a link to some info on Thunder & Lightning!

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