Lachlan turns 9

Our ‘little boy’ has just turned 9!  That’s right! L2 celebrated his 9th birthday today in a very busy and stylish fashion!

The day started with the traditional unveiling and giving of birthday presents in Mum & Dad’s room.  L2 was extremely impressed with his ipod touch!  WOW!  The things 9 year olds get nowadays…..  L2 does love his technology! – not quite sure whom he might take after.  ;-).

So it is, the usual Saturday morning sports – basketball, netball – then off to the movies with a very dear friend of Lachlan’s to see Coraline with 3 big buckets of popcorn!  I have reviewed Coraline at Family Value here.

Then, off to the Pancake Parlour where Blue Heavens and Alice’s Pancake Surprise are served all round.  After having a giggle at the ‘distorted mirrors’ and watching the ‘ball sideshow’ at Northland for many, many minutes, it’s time to go!

But, not before all jumping on the merry go round – 8 people riding for $2 bucks.  BARGAIN!  I’m not sure whether it was legal but we took great care of the horses and felt it was a great ‘off the cuff’ kind of thing to do.  This is what memories are made of!  You can view the footage on YouTube here.

So, another birthday over, our son is another year older.   Oh how life is passing us by but we are loving watching our children grow up.  We’re very proud of them and enjoying each and every stage.

Anyone else got a new 9 year old in the house?

3 Responses to “Lachlan turns 9……”

  1. Claire – Matching Pegs Says:
    Hi Rebecca,

    For Miss Amelia’s birthday (still the same day as Lachlan, like every year) we also went to Coraline, with three of her friends. As i had read sin some reviews that it would scare young children, Miss Michaela went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house – bit too scary for her, but perfect for a few 9 year olds, and a 7 year old. The thirty somethings liked it as well.

    Dinner was Chinese – Amelia’s favourite.

    Amelia’s big present was a Lego Creator set – a two story house, just what she wanted.

  2. Michelle Says:
    Happy birthday to your big boy. :-)
    Mine are only 4yo & 19mo but it is going so fast I already know that, blink, and they will be 9 & 7. I hope we enjoy every minute in between!
  3. chopsticks Says:
    man, ipod touch for his 9th birthday! that’s setting some high standards for the next 11 years! … assuming presents stop at 21. :)
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