Made my own laundry detergent – I wonder how long this will last?

In my routine ‘cleaning out’ of my laundry cupboard I chanced across Electric Soda and ‘remembered’ back to 10 years ago when I purchased it!  I was all inspired when I was at a MOPS meeting and Barbara Lord (author of The Green Cleaner) was our guest speaker.  She was all inspiring!  It was here that I learnt the magic of Bi-carb soda, vinegar, lemon and eucalyptus oil……………….and I learnt you could make your own laundry liquid!  WOW!  So it was with enthusiasm I purchased pure soap, electric soda & borax from the supermarket.  I recall being very excited and decided I was never going to purchase commercial cleaning products again.  I also recall I only made one batch and I’m not sure that it was very successful.  It was a ‘fad’ that lasted ‘one time’ for me.

However, at the moment I am not wanting to waste products so once I found the Electric Soda I decided to search the internet for ‘kids craft activities’ using electric soda.  C3 and I enthusiastically scoured the internet only to find one activity – laundry detergent!  Ah well!  Let’s give it another go – after all I do still have all the ingredients!

With L2, C3 & K5 assisting with grating of soap and pouring of water I manage to make another batch.  I adapted the recipe I found as I didn’t have as much borax as the recipe required.  Here ’tis for other enthusiastic ‘green cleaners’.

  • 3 cakes of Pure Soap (finely grated)
  • 2 cups Borax (+500ml water)
  • 3 cups Electric Soda
  • 4 litres water


  • Cover the soap with water and slowly melt on stove
  • In another pot boil borax with 500ml water until dissolved
  • Add Electric soda to borax mix
  • Mix 2 pots together and cover with lid
  • Let mixture set overnight then stir to form a ‘custardy’ consistency
  • Use 1/2 cup per wash.


I’ll let you know how it goes and how long I last making my own detergent!  Also, I must admit I am still planning to use Napisan as a stain remover.

Do you make your own detergent or anything else?  I would love to hear about it!

Also, if you know of a kids craft activity using electric soda I’m always happy to hear……

2 Responses to “Made my own laundry detergent – I wonder how long this will last!”

  1. Michelle Says:
    May 18th, 2009 at 9:13 am I made my own benchtop cleaner, all gung-ho about saving money and never paying for sink/oven/bench cleaners again. I mixed up one batch with bi-carb, lemon and vinegar. I couldn’t really get into it. It all smelt a bit vinegar’y and I felt like things just weren’t clean. Also, I like the fact that sprays like Pine-O-clean kill germs too… something I think it important. So, although I had the best intentions, I reverted back to store-bought nasties pretty quickly. :-oLet me know how it goes – ur pot of goop there looks a bit scary!! ;-)
  2. Sharon Says:
    June 9th, 2009 at 12:19 am I have done this and love it although I didn’t add water &just used a dry version. I also find I had to use sunlight soap to get the better wash. It lasted months using a tblspoon a load
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