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Today K6 & I had an adventure in the city of Melbourne where we boarded the train and met my Mum & Dad, and my sister (a belated Mothers Day outing).  With the three of us living in varying suburbia and country Victoria, the city of Melbourne is the perfect meeting place and even more perfect to meet where there is the opportunity for retail therapy-a-plenty and great food.  Today we met at DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) at Spencer Street, Melbourne.  Whilst the bargains weren’t-a-plenty, the company was fun, the food was great and the location (as far as vicinity to Southern Cross Station) was perfect.

How did I ‘escape’ with just the two of us?  Wednesdays is ‘me day’ where B4K5 spend 5 hours in a fantastic child care centre ‘just around the corner’.  So it is, between 9am and 2pm it’s just myself and K6.  Off to have some fun!  Do you have a ‘me’ day?

Having not travelled on public transport for quite some time I was a little nervous about the folks that might be travelling at the same time.  I was feeling particularly vulnerable with my newborn baby.  I needn’t have worried!  You never know whom you might meet on the train and what you may find out!  Today I had several commuters strike up conversations with myself.  I heard tales of babies, houses, prams, nursing, telstra, roof racks, cars, funny friends, volunteer work, teenagers, babies, trailers, holidays, motherhood expectations, sibling rivalry and more!

Why is it that strangers can share so much of their lives in a 45 minute time frame on a routine train trip?

I’d love to hear what you did with your Mum for Mother’s Day too!

P.S.  Came across a great article today…. 10 Tips for coping with a new baby  Check it out at Planning for Kids blog.

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  1. Brenda Says:
    May 14th, 2009 at 2:17 pmwoohooo!!! an almost “me-day” for you…luv the “me-days”…I reckon K-Rudd should declare as a Public Holiday…lol…


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