A mini-celebrity and back into netball

I feel honoured to be featured on Squiggle Mum’s blog as the MAY ‘Real Aussie Mum’ (I feel a bit like a mini celebrity).  Squiggle Mum is an inspirational mother herself and a wonderful writer.  Always interesting reading – if you have a chance it is worth checking to see what tales Squiggle Mum has to tell. Today I finally got to resume my fitness regime….. back into playing netball!  Wooooo Hooooo!  6 and a half weeks after giving birth for the sixth time I was more than a little dubious that ‘bits’ might flip and flap and even fall out, and that perhaps I was at high risk of a soft tissue injury!  However, all was well and we even won by 1 goal.  BONUS!  On the downside K6 had his first ‘netball creche’ experience and kept the creche staff in the business of giving cuddles for 30 minutes before I returned to pick him up.

For all those other ‘new Mums’ wanting to know when the best time to commence or resume exercise after giving birth, Babycenter Australia has a great article Postnatal Exercise : Is Your Body Ready?

  • When did you resume exercise after giving birth?
  • Is 6 and a half weeks too soon?
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