NO Maccas for the month of August 2011


It’s time to change!  I have just declared AUGUST 2011 ‘No Maccas Month’.  The children are aware and we’ve made a deal.


NO McDonalds for the month of August, starting 12am August 1st and ending 12pm August 31st.


Only, and ONLY if the children happen to be invited to a McDonalds party during these dates are they allowed to consume McDonalds.  That is the ONLY exception.


Why do we always go to McDonalds when we are ‘in a hurry’, or ‘tired after a long day’, or ‘late home after a sporting match’ etc. etc.  McDonalds is high in calories, it’s expensive, 90% of the time we have to wait in the waiting bay or the order is WRONG and our cars get littered with wrappings!  The toys are a waste of space and a cause of many a disagreement between siblings.

So who’s going to join me? 

Every day for the month of August I will NOT have McDonalds.  I have been a victim for too many years…….I am willing to STOP for the month of August and share our experiences with our readers.

 Are you willing to joing me and share?  The more the merrier!

6 Responses to “NO Maccas for the month of August 2011”

  1. mrchocolate Says:
    For all our Facebook subscribers I have created an event on Facebook here
  2. Mum-me Says:
    We rarely go to Maccas, even though there is one less than 1km from our house, except for the occasional soft-serve. So I can join your event, but our avoidance of Maccas won’t really be noticeable …. to us or to them :)
  3. mrchocolate Says:
    Awesome Mum-me. I have just noticed that we personally are relying on it more and more with our busy lifestyle, so time to STOP! Your moral support during the event will be greatly appreciated! :-)
  4. Kelly Says:
    I’ll join you xo
  5. mrchocolate Says:
    Awesome, wonderful to have you on board Kelly :-)
  6. mrchocolate Says:
    Maccas challenge is OVER and WE DID IT! There were many times we could have gone there but were tied down to our challenge! Feel so much better for it! How did you go?
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