Seasonal clothing declutter


Love it or loathe it, the seasonal clothing decluttering process is highly  necessary to survive in a large family.

How do I do it?  Every season, 4 times a year, each child goes through the process of decluttering their wardrobe and tries on their clothing.


  1. All clothing, excluding underwear and socks, must be tried on even if the child is insistent a garment still fits or is too small.
  2. All garments that are too small are put in storage for the next child in line, kept in a keepsake box (if really sentimental), donated to charity or sold on ebay, gumtree or social networking buy, sell, swap pages, or if appropriate hung directly in the new owner’s wardrobe immediately.
  3. If there is a garment that fits your child but they have rarely worn, usually because they don’t actually like it, donate it to charity or sell it on ebay, gumtree or social networking buy, sell, swap pages.
  4. Write a list of clothing each child needs.
  5. Go shopping and stick to the list.

A tedious process but well worth it for the result.   This process will ensure you get the maximum wear out of each piece of clothing.  The children usually grizzle to begin with, however, once we get started the children enjoy looking through their wardrobes, rediscovering clothes and dreaming about their potential new purchases.  The older children also enjoy handing their clothes down, similarly the younger children feel very pleased finally being big enough to acquire their big brother or sister’s clothing.

How do you survive the wardrobe decluttering process?







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