Spending one on one time with your children


Last night it was ‘date night’ with the hubby and today is was my ‘date’ with K5.

As many of you whom have large families would understand, spending one on one time with each child is a difficult task.

Definately we manage odd moments during the day where we read a story or do a craft activity, but more than likely one of the other siblings will make a disturbance usually highlighting the fact that they are feeling left out at that particular time.  In the second half of last year I realised that the children were starting to grow up quickly and it was time to factor in ‘time’ with each of the children.

Hence, the Family Value ‘Time’ plan has been devised!


Each year Ian & I are to spend time with each of the children individually doing whatever they choose (within reason).  This means 12 days in a year are taken up for ‘date time with the children’.

When I explained this idea to the children they responded extremely positively and are constantly dreaming about the ‘dates’ they are going to have with each of their parents.

The plan kicked off last year with Ian taking K5 to BEN 10 LIVE, Me taking K5 to The Pancake Parlour for breakfast & Build-a-Bear Workshop, and Ian taking B1 to dinner and to see Hairspray The Musical.   So, this year L2 has been to see MSO Disney in Concert  & ACMI Disney’s Dreams Come True exhibition .

And today……. K5 & I went to see the Yogi Bear Movie & went shopping at the Chapel Street Bazaar in search of a retro Yogi Bear item, which we found – check out the tin lunch box!



  • The children don’t get jealous of each others outings
  • It takes out the obligatory factor of purchasing a ticket for everyone, hence sending you broke!
  • Most importantly, allows for the one on one time you need to spend with your child
  • Allows each child to express their individuality reflected in their choices

AND before you think we’re playing favourites with ‘K5′, the children whom didn’t get a chance last half of last year make up for it this year, then in 2012 we’ll be up to date!

So, what do you think?

Would this be beneficial in your family?

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