To spend or not to spend on school holidays? Do school holidays need to be expensive?


piggy bankToday I opened a discussion on Facebook about the expense of school holidays and some of the activities that add up quickly.  Here is a list of activities that our members have been doing these holidays.  Although some may not be local to you, there are plenty of good ideas to assist in grasping the creativity to enjoy the school holidays without getting too stressed and overspending.  With a little planning and a touch of creativity, school holidays do not have to be expensive.

Here is a list of all the activities our families have been doing which will give you a rough idea of expenditure required for each activity.  ENJOY!

The great outdoors

  • camping
  • bushwalking
  • parks
  • playgrounds
  • beaches
  • bike riding

Handy items to have on hand in an emergency to entertain

  • craft stuff (don’t have to purchase, just save stuff around the house)
  • science kits
  • DVDs
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • chalk (for outside drawing) & liquid chalk (for drawing on windows)
  • dress-ups (kids can practice for a concert that takes all day, then it’s only a short time the parents endure the ‘performance’)
  • playdough

Family Value Article: Keeping the children entertained on school holidays without sending you broke!

Do you have any other ideas?

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