Toothbrush identification

toothbrushToothbrush identification – say ‘I’ if this is an issue for your family?

It’s difficult enough to get your children to clean their teeth morning and night, let alone efficiently organise the family toothbrushes.  In my experience the younger children in the family are not really fussed whether they are using the correct toothbrush, however, as you can imagine, a completely different story for the older children.

Try these solutions:

  • colour / pattern code for each child
  • put a different coloured sticker on each toothbrush, or as an alternative use bandaids and write the child’s name on the bandaid
  • purchase bamboo toothbrushes then you can engrave your child’s name
  • have jars with child’s name and ensure they USE their jar to store their toothbrush
  • toothbrush cases with a suction cap and store them on the bathroom mirror
  • if you are fortunate to have more than one bathroom, allocate teeth cleaning per child to respective bathrooms

Disinfect the toothbrushes each week to prevent the spread of pesky illnesses.  We use Milton sterilising tablets.

How do you organise your family’s toothbrushes?


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