Wombat Holes Mini Golf [Tathra]



Wombat Holes Mini Golf  – 18 Hole Championship Mini Golf Course by Rebecca Mason [October 2009]

The Wombat Holes is set in the NSW bushland in Tathra and is a great way to spend an hour or two with the kids having a family mini golf tournament.  Wombat Holes is located at the front end of the Kianniny Resort in Tathra and is the only facility within Kianinny open to the public.

Wombat Holes is a course which is well set out and well ‘thought out’.  The course is true to its bush setting with decorative wombats, rabbits and even snakes forming a part of the Aussie-themed course.  The course is particularly well planned with the younger players occassionally getting to putt their ball into special junior player ‘wombat holes’.  The course has occassional ‘bunkers’ and a water trap at the end.  Of particular interest was that many of the holes have 2 sections to them making the course extremely interesting, particularly for junior players as the element of surprise of not knowing where their ball will come out at the other end once they putt it into the first hole of the green.

Score cards, pencils, golf clubs and one ball – the colour of your choice is provided upon payment of green fee.

The only problem with the course is that it is set in a true bush setting, therefore at certain times of the day and dependant on weather conditions the mosquitoes come out to eat the players!  There is an easy solution to this, and that is to ensure that you bring your insect repellent with you.  If you happen to forget just ask down at the office and they will willingly loan you some for the endurance of the game.

HINT: Be sure to take the children to the toilet before the game as there is approx 100m walk to the nearest toilet once you are playing the game

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MUM Rebecca famtick_bronzefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronze“a well designed mini golf course set amongst our Aussie Bush Setting.  We even sighted a Kookaburra during our gameplay that had caught a baby snake!”

DAD Ian famtick_bronzefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronzefamtick_bronze

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