Yogi Bear Movie

Yogi Bear Movie


yogi-bear-movie-posterThe Yogi Bear Movie is a delightful childrens movie with lovable strong characters and a wholesome message.  Yogi Bear was faithful to the original cartoon with Yogi and Boo Boo and even Ranger Smith depicted as I imagined them.  I was quite a fan of Yogi Bear comics ‘in my day’.  Yogi & Boo Boo are lovable, cheeky characters that provide enough laughs for the children and young at heart adults in the audience.  I was known to laugh out loud on several occassions!   Although rather a nonsense plot line, the mandatory plots of cutesy, love, humor, evil and traitor are all depicted in this light hearted movie that will delight children ages 4 and up.  Under 4 year olds are likely to be restless during some of the more ‘serious’ scenes involving the adults.  Refreshingly wholesome with no coarse language or evil undertones.

I went to see this movie with my Yogi Bear Fanatic (4 Years Old) and he smiled for hours thinking about various scenes of the movie he found amusing.

NB:  Personally, I would prefer not to watch it in 3D as the glasses seem to make everything darker and my 4 year old had extreme issues trying to keep them positioned on his nose whereby he ended up watching half the movie without the glasses which would not have been nearly as satisfactory as watching it in 2D.

Official Yogi Bear Movie Trailer

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